About SPPM

The Society for Pain Practice Management, SPPM, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. SPPM was founded in 1989 as a not-for-profit educational forum for physicians, administrators, and their staff who are concerned with the advancement of the specialty of pain management. It remains one of the largest and oldest pain management sub specialty organizations.

In the summer of 1989, Pain Management was in its infancy. Most physicians including anesthesiologists, didn’t know what the practice of “pain management” entailed. Education on the subject was clearly needed. The Society was formed out of a desire of physicians to become educated in both the clinical and practice management aspects of a running a pain management clinic. SPPM has grown from a handful of interested anesthesiologists to a multi-specialty organization representing thousands of physicians and their staff from around the world.

SPPM presents Seminars on Billing, Coding and practice management. Leaders in the field educate pain management specialists across the nation focusing on proper billing, coding and efficient office management. As the clinical side of pain management continues to grow, SPPM has focused on offering Hands-On Interventional Pain Management Courses using cadavers with fluoroscopy and live models with ultrasound guidance to teach the most recent pain management procedures.

The Society For Pain Practice Management (SPPM) is dedicated to improving the care of the patient in pain by educating physicians, administrators, nurses, allied health professionals, and billing personnel in the most up-to-date information in the areas of clinical pain management and pain practice management.   SPPM will endeavor to improve patient outcomes by providing pain management professionals and their administrative personnel high quality educational programs that focus on enhancing physician competence, patient safety, patient satisfaction, and compliance with the rules and regulations governing the specialty of pain management.  To accomplish our mission, SPPM offers educational seminars, hands-on instructional courses with live models and cadavers, quarterly newsletters, and relevant articles on the web site. The content of SPPM continuing medical education offerings is determined by identifying the best evidence-based practices in the specialty of pain management, identifying professional practice gaps,  and to seek input from leading pain management specialists and pain practice management experts as to what the scope of contemporary practice of pain management should encompass and should encompass in the future.

By participating in SPPM activities, participants are expected to enhance their clinical and practice management knowledge and skills which will translate into improved care for the patient in pain and the proper and compliant billing for this care, all in an environment of efficiency and safety.

The logo of The Society for Pain Practice Management symbolizes its mission. The open book represents continued learning, advancement, and education while the stethoscope represents listening, exploring, and discovery.

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