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CMS 2017 CPT Codes Associated with Pain Management
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Genicular Nerve Block Billing Guidelines 2017
NCCI Policy Manual for Medicare Services – Effective January 1, 2017
CPT codes 64400-64530 describe injection of anesthetic agent for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, the codes being distinguished from one another by the named nerve and whether a single or continuous infusion by catheter is utilized. All injections into the nerve including branches described (named) by the code descriptor at a single patient encounter constitute a single unit of service(UOS). For example:
(1) If a physician injects an anesthetic agent into multiple areas around the sciatic nerve at a single patient encounter, only one UOS of CPT code 64445 (injection, anesthetic agent; sciatic nerve, single) may be reported.

2) If a physician injects the superior medial and lateral branches and inferior medial branches of the left genicular nerve, only one UOS of CPT code 64450 (Injection, anesthetic agent; other peripheral nerve or branch) may be reported regardless of the number of injections needed to block this nerve and its branches.


Proposed Epidural Codes for 2017 : Below are the new epidural codes proposed by Medicare that will further delineate epidural injections performed with image guidance from those preformed using a landmark loss-of resistance or hanging-drop technique. Medicare has not yet disclosed what number will ultimately be inserted to replace the X placeholder when the final rule is released. SPPM will keep you posted

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How Do I code for Lidocaine Infusion? SPPM Members have asked for information on the CPT codes

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